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A merry heart does good, like medicine... Proverbs 17:22

A True Louisianan

And so the fight continues . . .

And Yet One More Fishing Trip

Boat For Sale

Boudreaux Buys Mother-in-Law a Christmas Present

Boudreaux & the Bartender

Boudreaux & the Church Point Cow

Boudreaux & Thibodeaux Camp Out

Boudreaux and Thibodeaux got fired

Boudreaux's Doctor's Visit

Boudreaux Gets in Trouble with Clotilde Again

Boudreaux Goes To The Doctor

Boudreaux in Charge of the Insane Asylum

Boudreaux in the Obituary Column

Boudreaux Pays Respect

Boudreaux Shoots an Owl

Boudreaux Swimming Lessons

Boudreaux was having trouble sleeping at night

Boudreaux's Problem

Boudreaux’s Wife Goes Into Labor

Brakes Don't Work

Cajun Funeral

Da Cajun Virus

Da End Is Near

Da Sawmill

Doctor Boudreaux

Go Git Momma!

How a Woman Measures a Flagpole

How to Eat dem Crawfish, According to Broussard

Illegal Cock Fights

Is Clotilde Going Deaf?

Lazy Boudreaux

Lousiana Three Kick Rule

Louisiana Hurricane Season Notes

Marie's Turn At The Doctor

Pet Fish

Squirrel Hunting

The Art Collector

The Class Report

The Elevator

The Newlyweds

The Pampers

The Texans

Thibodeaux at the Doctor

Thibodeaux Can't Hear

Thibodaux’s Obituary

Tee Does It Again

What's for Dinner?

You Are Probably From Louisiana

You're Probably From Louisiana if...No 2

You might be a Cajun if:

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