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Boudreaux's Doctor's Visit

One day Boudreaux was feeling bad, so he asked his wife to take him to the doctor.

After Doc Thibodeaux examined him, he was sent to the waiting room while he spoke with his wife.

"Mrs. Boudreaux, " said Doc Thib,

"You husband is very ill. He may die unless you do what Ah tell you.

Each morning you must fix him duh best breakfast you can. Eggs, bacon, toast, orange juice, whatever he wants. Don't bother him wit' any chores. You must listen ta' him if he has anything ta' talk about. Don't burden him wit' any of your problems. You must also "love" him each morning if he desires.

For lunch, fix him duh best meal you can cook. In duh afternoon, let him take a long nap and "love' him if he desires. For supper, cook him duh best meal and " love' him all night. If you do dese things he should be o.k. If you don't...he surely will die."

On the trip home Boudreaux was setting on the passenger side as his wife drive along.

"Mais, what did da' doctor say, eh?" he asked his wife.

As she drove she looked at Boudreaux... looked back at the road...looked back at Boudreaux and said,"

"Mais da doctor said you gonna die!"

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