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Squirrel Hunting

Boudreaux and Thibodeaux decided to go squirrel hunting one day. They meet in the woods and Boudreaux notices that Thibodeaux didn't bring his shotgun with him. Boudreaux says, "Mai, Thibodeaux. How you gonna shoot you some squirrels without a shootgun ?" Thibodeaux tells him, "Don' you worry none about me. I'll get me plenty of dem squirrels." So they split up and agree to meet back at that spot in a few hours. Later that day they meet and Boudreaux, who had his brand new twice barrel, squirrel-type shootgun, hadn't gotten even one squirrel. But Thibodeaux had him a whole sack full of squirrels. Boudreaux says to Thibodeaux, "Mai, Thibodeaux. How you get all dem squirrels ? I got dis here brand new twice barrel squirrel-type shootgun, the best that money can buy; I got the finest decoys you can get, and me I didn't get me not one squirrel ! You ain't got no shootgun and no decoys, but you come back wid all dem squirrels. How you did dat ?" Thibodeaux says, "Well, Boudreaux, it's simple. I ugly 'em to death. I just give dem the evil eye for a minute and dey fall out of the tree, dead." Boudreaux says, "By the way, Thibodeaux, do you ever bring Clotile squirrel hunting with you ?" Thibodeaux answers, "Oh no, Boudreaux ! I can't do dat ! Clotile, she bust 'em up too bad."

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