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Da Sawmill

Boudreaux wuz workin at a small sawmill near da Chafalaya Spillway.

Dey wuz cuttin cypress trees an rippin dem up into planks fa da various lumber yards in south Louisiana.
 Everyday fa a solid week at quittin time, Boudreaux would come out da sawmill gate rollin a weelbarrel full of sawdust an wood chips. Wen he pas da gate guard, da guard would poke tru da sawdust to see if Boudreaux wuz steelin anyting cus dat was his job.
 Wen he didn fine nuttin but sawdust an wood chips he would let Boudreaux pass.
 Friday wuz payday an wen Boudreaux pick up his paycheck insted of goin strate home he cash his paycheck an went to da local barroom
 wit sum of his buddies to get a few cool ones.
 Wile dey wuz drinkin, da guard walk in an start drinkin wit dem.After a few drinks he look at Boudreaux an say, "Boudreaux, Ah'm no
 fool me, Ah know you been steelin sumting frum dat sawmill. We not on da job rite now, so tell me wat you been steelin, an Ah promise
 Ah won't say nuttin to nobody. You got to tell me cus it's drivin me crazy! Wat you been steelin, you?"
 Boudreaux say, "Wheelbarrels !"


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