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Is Clotilde Going Deaf?

Boudreaux went to see Doctor Hebert, and told him, “Doc, I’m worried about Clotilde. I tink she’s deaf. Every time I tells her sumting, I got to repeat it.”

The Doc tells him, “Well, Boudreaux, we can check it out pretty easy. When you get home tonight, stand about fifteen feet behind her, and ask her something. If she doesn’t reply, move about five feet closer and try again. Keep moving closer to her until she responds. That way we’ll have an idea how serious her problem is.”

So when Boudreaux gets home, he walks up behind Clotilde in the kitchen, and asks, “Cher, what’s for supper?”

No reply. He moves about five feet closer and trys again. “Cher, what’s for supper?”

Still no reply. Five more feet, same thing, until he is standing right behind her. Once again he asks, “Cher, what’s for supper?”

Clotilde turns around and yells at him, “For de fourth darn time, chicken gumbo!“


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