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The Pampers

 One time, ol' Thibedeaux (tib-eh-doe) had a Bar-B-Q in the back of his
house. Well, ol' Broussard (broo-sard) saw one of Thibedeaux's children
running around with a real strange outfit. Broussard said "Hey,
Thibedeaux, wot dat yor baby got on hisself?" Thibedeaux said "Man, dats
a Pampers, cher (shah)!" Broussard said "Wot you mean a Pampers?"
Thibedeaux said "It's like a diaper, but you don' got to wash it, you
don' got to fol' it - you jus' tro'ed it away." Broussard said "WHOO
MAN! I need ta gots me some o' dem Pampers!" The next weekend, ol'
Broussard was having a crawfish boil in the back of his house.
Thibedeaux said "Whoo man, looks like you gots some a dem Pampers on yor babies!" Broussard said "Yeh, I love dem Pampers, cher. You don' gots to wash 'em, you don' gots to fol' 'em, you jus' tro'ed 'em away."
Thibedeaux said "Wall den, you need to change dat Pampers on dat little
Pierre." Broussard said "No I don'." Thibedeaux said "An yes you do!"
Broussard went and picked up Pierre and shook him a little and again
said "No, I don'!" Thibedeaux said "Look at dat! He got de shoo-shoo
come out de back o' de Pampers. He got de shoo-shoo come out de front o'
de Pampers. He got de shoo-shoo run all down his legs! Man, WHY you not
change dat pampers?" Broussard said "CAUSE! De box says its good for 18
to 23 pounds!"

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