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How to Eat dem Crawfish, According to Broussard

Took yur pirouge down de bayou a ways, an' caught yoursef abot t'irty pounds o' dem crawfish. Dis will took abot six beers.

Den took dem crawfish home an' t'roed em in yur rain-barrel or other clean water an' add a box a rock salt. Let 'em soak for abot one mo' beer.

While dem crawfish is purgin', start yur boil pot on de cook fire. T'ro in de spice, de whole onion, de corn an' de new potatoes an' let dem boil for one beer.

Den t'roe in de crawfish wid two box o' rock salt, t'ree or two cut lemon, mo' spice an' de cayenne pepper. Let all dat boil up real good fo' abot two mo' beers.

Puts dat ol' newspaper on de table and warm de bread.

When de crawfish is done, pour out de water. Den dump out de crawfish on de table, an set out de bread.

Den set down fo' a Cajun seven-course meal - six beers an' a pile a crawfish!

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