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Welcome to the Detiveaux Family website.

My name is Timothy J. Detiveaux son of Rufus Detiveaux and Gersie Gautreaux. I was born in 1957 in Houma, Louisiana and have lived in Bourg, Chauvin, Covington, and currently reside in Gray, Louisiana. I am a retired Information Technology Professional from Chevron USA after 40 years of service. I created this website on October 11, 2003 as a resource tool for research and sharing about our family history. I'm continually looking for ancestral documents and photos to add to this site.

My vision is to promote unity in the family.

My Ancestral roots: Henri Benoist d'Etiveaud -> Paul Benjamin Detiveaux -> George Joseph Detiveaux -> Rufus Philip Detiveaux --> Timothy John Detiveaux

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